Without Evidence

What?  And you expect me to believe without evidence?  Just count on it like it’s reliable when you and I both know it’s not reliable.  That it falls short in every test.  “There are no tests” you say echoing Socrates.  But there are tests.  You expect me to follow what you say when you say so much I disprove of at once.  When you dangle heaven like it were something other than a withered carrot.  When you erupt in a string of run on sentences that signify a passion and that is all.  But back to truth.  Back to reality.  You remind me of how much worse life could be understood.  And so often I criticize my worldview, because I can’t stand to criticize something as worthless as your worldview.

God And Other Superstitions

For the record I never think about God.  It was always too much for me.  Always a lie.  And why do I have an atheist blog if I never think about God?  Because I think about people.  And people have gods.  Fair enough?  Can you imagine a world without “gods”?  I have great difficulty.  The gullibility of mankind is endless.  Think about the things equally silly as God which people believe.  That if they’ve forgotten something at home they’re ruined.  If they lose their keys they want to kill themselves.  A bad feeling meaning something bad is about to happen.  The thousand superstitions a person goes through in their mind during the day secure “God” as a permanent fixture in mankind.  

The Bible and Morals

In what it stands the bible is, beyond its worship, beyond it physically being carried everywhere, beyond its “quotes” and side notes, a fairly unhelpful book for life.  One problem is its too old.  Another problem is it doesn’t deal with the human condition at all.  It is composed of stories.  Such stories that no one can relate to anymore.  And what’s worse is the stories have bad examples of how to behave.

Preferring Truth Over God

The excuses we have for believing in God are absurd.  As if something so huge could be an exception in every instance of truth.  Viewing a parallel, or kind of shadow, duplication, of the real events that are occurring, how can one be just in their perception?  Does not the second world conflict with the real world?  Does not the fake get into the real this way?  And should we not avoid religion and prefer truth.  “It’s comfortable to” or “my parents did” or “I grew up in it” does not fly and never did.  What is it that one finds the truth about death and then immediately cowers to their being God?  When God has nothing to do with truth or death.

Jettisoning Religion

The capacity of religion to be a good force in our world is no reason to keep it.  One thinks:  Would it not be nice if everyone followed rules?  But rules fail.  And in the case of the bible fail miserably.  And people don’t follow rules that aren’t enforced.  An imaginary hell is hardly a deterrent when it is imaginary.  And getting rid of religion is a huge task.  So many are indoctrinated with the sickness that it is as if the entire world is insane.  God is mans stupidest invention.  It makes him a failure.  And I wanted to win.  I wanted mankind to win.

Moral Or Not

The atheist position is the moral position.  God takes away morals.  He subtracts.  He puts the power in his own hands.  An atheist must defend himself before others as his godlessness is falsely seen as a wrong.  When the real wrong is intertwined in the dishonesty the atheist is rejecting.  The wrong of perpetuating a lie.  Of wasting time on imaginary problems and fantasies.

Who is to say what is good and what bad?  When all of us have an invested interest in the outcomes of our views.  When discourse on the subject is left out of polite conversation.  When the only ones advocating God are the preachers tucked away in their church.

To defeat nihilism?  That would mean to take down religion and stop making it an important part of our lives.  For out of such a destruction value has the power of being assigned once again.  And one would value good and see that through to the end?  Beyond its religious meaning?  Beyond its “metaphysics”?  I would hope so.

Atheist, Moral, Elitist

Out of the silence after the deafening roar of Christianity we find the voices atheistic, moral and elitist.  Atheistic because after believing in something as ridiculous as Jesus one tends to be skeptical of god as a whole concept and how stupid it is.  Don’t lie to me that there is a god when the internet is full of rebuttal, proofs against and clear evidence citing the antagonistic news:  That there is no god, that life is a tragedy regarding its death and that people get away with lying on this subject because of there being a tradition of it, not a need.  Moral because good and bad is now on the table while good and evil have been whist away.  Moral because (I believe) man/woman is good natured at heart and from rejecting something terrible like religion, the capacity to replace it with something better is not only wanted but necessary.  Elitist because how can one not feel part of the solution when they see the problem clearly, without the supernatural, without the “god goggles”, the blind faith, the surrendering to untruth?